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About Me

I am a creative catalyst for change.

I love using data and creativity to solve big problems across development sectors. I have done many things in my career, such as starting my own business, advising public sector leaders, creating digital solutions, communicating data stories, and monitoring and evaluating development projects. I have worked with amazing people from Africa and other parts of the world who want to use information for better decisions and knowledge sharing.

My passion is to make data work for development. I believe that when we combine digital, data, skills and creativity, we can find new ways to tackle complex challenges and create positive change and empowerment for the people we serve.

My Achievements

Work Experience Across Multiple Countries & Cultures


Featured as a Startup Entrepreneur in Insight Success

Winner of Vulekamali Data Visualization Competition

Panelist at the American Evaluation Association Conference in New Orleans

Published Co-Author

Big data and the rule of law – South African experience (Coming Soon)

My Values

Let's Meet

Discover the synergy of data and creativity. Schedule your introduction meeting today and explore how we can drive impactful change together.

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