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My Early Beginnings

From the vibrant halls of the University of Cape Town, my journey in data-driven change began. A BSc in Biochemistry & Biotechnology, followed by honors in Pharmacology and a master's in Public Health, laid the foundation for my mission to empower through knowledge and innovation.

Early Career

Igniting Change through Data

Within the heartbeats of South Africa's health sector,

I embarked on a transformative path as a Monitoring & Evaluation Coordinator, later advising on national monitoring strategies. My passion for data as a catalyst for change took form, guiding public health advancements and strategic development.




Building Bridges with Data

My entrepreneurial spirit took flight with Data Innovator, pioneering data-driven solutions for impact. I embraced leadership roles, engaging global audiences with insights on tech-enabled M&E, fostering a community of practice to advance responsible data governance in Africa.


Keynote Speaker
A Voice for Data-Led Development
As a keynote speaker at the MERLTech Conference in Washington DC, I championed the integration of big data in evaluation, spotlighting its potential to innovate and enhance the development sector's decision-making processes.


Board Member


Shaping M&E Leadership

During my tenure as a board member of the South African M&E Association, I was instrumental in steering the M&E profession towards greater heights, advocating for robust evaluation practices to enhance accountability and effectiveness within South Africa's development landscape.


Strategic Partnership

Collaboration for Impact

In a notable partnership with the Analytics unit of New Leaders in 2019, I fused strategic advisory with actionable analytics, amplifying our collective capability to drive sustainable change and strengthen data-driven decision-making in the public sector.

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